Procurement / Division of Mining, drilling and water

– The sourcing service for all your industrial needs in the fields of drilling, mining, aqueducts and water (agricultural and rural dwellers) irrigation systems

You are working in the  mining, drilling, oil and energy domains, SORIM HOLDING thanks to its partnerships, representation or distribution agreements, sources and delivers all the materials and supplies you need.

High pressure compressors, all power generators, DTH hammers, Trepan, Tricone, Cutters, drill colars, electric and electronic loggers, water level indicators, equipment and test kit for drilling (PH & sludge tests , viscometers, complete kit of water analysis, rheometers …), downhole camera for inspection of  borhole, strainers uPVC / PE and stainless steel, pipe fittings and pipes uPVC / PE and INOX, Bentonite, all kinds of water meters, fire intervention materials, all types of pumps (turbine, irrigation, drainage, submersible, floating …)

The SORIM HOLDING purchasing department  takes care of everything !