Procurement / Industrial Division

– The sourcing and procurement service for all your global industrial needs 

You are an industrial or a production unit, SORIM HOLDING, through its many partnerships and excluvie distribution agreements, sources and delivers all your industrial needs.

From a simple consumable (raw materials, filters, greases & lubricants, formulated products, empty boxes or cans, films rolls for bagger, etc …), through the piping & fittings (stainless steel, steel, PVC, Galva , valves , Elbows, Tees, Reductions,…), motors, encoders, pumps,  heat exchangers (plate, tube, scraped surface …), instrumentation, tanks, compressors, generators, electrical equipment, PPE, material handling (Forklift all types, pallet trucks, stackers, lifting platforms …) …. any kind of spare parts needed for after sales service.

The SORIM HOLDING purchasing department  takes care of everything !