Industrial Labelling

SORIM HOLDING is the offical distributor of KTN LABELING for Africa and indian Ocean

With several thousands of installed labelling units and/or labelling lines throughout the world, KTN is one of the leaders in its domain, he offers a wide and comprehensive range of labelling solutions, adressing most of the needs of the market.

SORIM HOLDING provides you, a proximity service, due to its physical presence in Africa, help and support in the validation of your effective need based on your project or tender. Ensuring you will get the right technical solution with the right options at the right price ! Further more, SORIM HOLDING takes care of all the logistics to deliver up to your plant, but also and mostly taking care of Installation/commissioning/training for your staff, and After sales service !

We become your direct and exclusive contact for all your needs and/or questions over labelling issues from the moment you own our materials. Being through our hotline or via our full maintenance contracts available, you will never ever again need to search for support, where to get your parts and consumables or service needs…. You can now relax and take care of your job that is producing !



Various solutions available to be integrated

either on your lines directly, choosing the right labeling head

We offer labelling heads with single, double or even triple motorization, thanks to this we can address the most demanding and varied applications on the market.

1- Maximum speed 70 m/min / Production up to 500 labels/min / Double motorization / Accuracy: +/- 1 mm / Label width up to 180 mm

2- Tamp-on application / Tamp-blow application / Direct-blow application / Up to 500 labels/min with direct-blow system / Option: swing-arm unit

3- Maximum speed 35 m/min / Production up to 300 labels/min. / Label width up to 250 mm / Accuracy: +/- 1 mm / Compact design

4- Maximum speed 120 m/min / Production up to 500 labels/min / Triple motorization / Accuracy: +/- 1 mm / Label width up to 120 mm / Roll diameter up to 400 mm

either we deliver a complete standalone labelling solution on its skid to integrate directly into your production line,

with its own PLC, input/output conveyor for a complete solution