Print and applu labelling, and coding devices

SORIM HOLDING is the official & exclusive VIDEOJET distributor for western and central Africa.
With over 375 000 printing solutions installed all over the world and on the five continents, VIDEOJET is the leader in its class based on the total wormldwide installed base. VIDEOJET covers and offers all the coding technologies currently available on the market.

SORIM HOLDING ensures you, a proximity service, due to its physical presence in Africa, Help and support in the validation of your effective need based on your project or tender. Ensuring you will get the right technical solution ( TIJ, DOD, INJKET, LASER… ) and the right options at the right price ! Further more, SORIM HOLDING takes care of all the logistics to deliver up to your plant, but also and mostly taking care of Installation/commissioning/training of your staff, and After sales service !

We become your private and exclusive contact for all your needs and/or questions over coding issues from the moment you own our materials. Being through our hotline or via our full maintenance contracts available, you will never ever again need to search for support or search where to get your parts and consumables or service need…. You can now relax and take care of your production