Continuous Ink Jet Systems

Maximum speed and uptime for inkjet coders

Through its most comprehensive line of continuous inkjet coders, Videojet proposes a wide range of inkjet coders using the same platform. nomatter if your line speed is high or very high, no matter what are your needs, we do have the right solution available. The height of the small characters varies between 0,6 et 12 mm and up to height (8) lines of codes are possible depending on the speed.

Our systems are bluit and desingned to meet and adjust  to the specific client’s utilisation of the material : – High performances for 24/24 impression needs, 3×8 and + – Middle range utilisation for daily on/off procedures, usually 2×8 – Simple and reliable systems for 1×8 needs and/or occasional/batch printing needs  – Specific printers, for, for example coding onto dark surfaces or substrate – Postal coders for adressing and mailing applications

The new SIMPLICITY (80 series) inkjet platform from VIDEOJET

The time has come to change your mind on what an industrial inkjet printer is supposed to bring you. The brand new SIMPLICITY (80 series) line from VIDEOJET is designed to meet your very own needs and most of all to make sure your production line is operational longer.

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Videojet VJ1880®

Videojet® 1880 Industrial Inkjet Printer

The Continuous Inkjet printer manufactured for Industry 4.0 productivity pioneers 

The Videojet 1880 CIJ printer builds upon millions of hours of real-world printer data to deliver a digitally-enabled solution that helps to ensure your production line operates without interruption.

With an industry-first ink build-up sensor and Videojet MAXIMiZE™ built-in diagnostics suite, the 1880 is designed to reduce your main causes of unplanned downtime. Line integration and code management capabilities reduce potential for human error and help to ensure you get the right code at the right quality, every time, while advanced features minimize operator interaction so you can focus on your production.


Harness predictive capabilities

  • Reduce downtime with the Videojet MAXIMiZE™ advanced diagnostics suite
  • React sooner to faults and minimize the need for on-site service calls with VideojetConnect Remote Service™
  • Recover from faults more quickly with RapidRecover™ automated troubleshooting engine

Right code at the right quality

  • Detect when printhead cleaning is required with the 1880 ink build-up sensor
  • Simplify cleaning procedures to just a push of a button with the 1880 Auto-rinse feature
  • Remove potential for human error with the suite of line integration and code management capabilities

Minimize operator interruptions

  • Go longer between printhead cleanings with intelligent start-stop sequence
  • Increase make-up cartridge changeover interval by up to 2x with 0.75L and 1L cartridge size options
  • Easily accommodate operator-performed annual maintenance that takes just 5 minutes per year

Natural fit in your line

  • Integrate into your line more easily with a dynamic rotating printhead
  • Optimize for washdown with a 316 grade stainless steel, IP66 rated cabinet
  • Select from a wide variety of inks engineered to meet your application
  • Withstand the toughest traversing application with a durable over-molded umbilical
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Videojet VJ1280® / VJ1580®

Continuous inkjet printer to help enhance everyday performance
The all new Videojet  ( 1280 & 1580 )  Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) Printer delivers uptime peace of mind, and offers guidance to help ensure error-proof operation by utilizing individual printer consumption to assess and offer improvements about the way you use your printer.
Videojet OPTIMiZE provides on-screen alerts with expert diagnostics, analytics and guides to enhance everyday printer performance.
The Videojet SIMPLICiTY™ interface reduces operator printer interactions, helping to eliminate potential user errors through an intuitive, tablet-inspired 10-inch touchscreen display

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Videojet 1860®

Putting the continuous into continuous inkjet

The printer has been designed to deliver industry first predictive capability providing superior uptime
and performance. The result is a revolutionary design that achieves your marking and coding objectives
today and as they evolve.

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Videojet 1610 DH

The Videojet 1610 Dual Head Continuous Ink Jet printer extends the benefits of the Videojet 1000 Line printers by offering greater capabilities for demanding production environments. With two printheads, operators have the flexibility to print more content on a given package, to print on two separate locations on a given package, or to print on 2 lanes of a multi-lane application.

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Videojet 1650 UHS

The 1650 Ultra High Speed printers represent the latest innovation from Videojet, building on over 40 years of beverage and high speed coding experience. Designed to operate at the extremes of packaging line speed, the 1650 UHS delivers the coding throughput you require but also brings advanced functionality to help improve your business.

Code Assurance features help eliminate common coding errors by helping your operators put the right code on the right product, time after time. On-board Productivity Tools display details about both Printer Availability and Operational Availability, enabling a review of data to discover technical and operational causes of unplanned downtime. This data is presented in a logical way to help identify the root cause of downtime, and empower operators to take corrective action and boost productivity.

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Videojet 1620 UHS

The Videojet 1620 Ultra High Speed printers deliver content and quality at the highest production speeds. Whether you operate at the extremes of packaging line speed or push the limits on throughput, the Videojet Ultra High Speed (UHS) printers are designed for your application.

Videojet UHS printers break the compromise between speed and content with markedly better print quality. With the latest advancements, the UHS printers are engineered to enable tri-line code applications to be run at today’s typical dual-line speeds.

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Videojet 1710

For applications that require easily readable variable data codes on dark or difficult to mark materials, Videojet Technologies Inc. has designed the Videojet 1710 small character continuous ink jet printer. The printer uses high-contrast, pigmented inks to create bright, clean codes on surfaces for which dye-based inks are not effective, such as colored glass, rubber tubing, plastic cabling and dark paperboard. It is capable of printing a variety of fonts in multiple languages, as well as linear bar codes, 2D DataMatrix codes, custom logos and graphics.

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Continuous inkjet

  • Coding without contact with the product
  • Continuous inkjet technic
  • Fragmentation into separated inkdrops
  • Recycling of the unsed ink
  • From the ink drop to the text
  • Droplet on demand
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