Thermal Ink Jet Systems

Thermal Ink Jet Systems and Coders

With the addition of Wolke Inks & Printers GmbH in 2009, Videojet Technologies is one of the largest suppliers of thermal ink jet (TIJ) printers for the packaging industry.  The inherent simplicity, uptime and print resolution of thermal ink jet combined with the simple usability of the Videojet and Wolke controllers make these printers ideal for a range of CPG, pharmaceutical, tobacco and industrial applications.

Videojet® 8610

The Videojet 8610 utilizes a revolutionary, purpose-built cartridge designed to use MEK fluids. You can now bring the simplicity of thermal ink jet to applications that require printing of crisp, repeatable codes on foils, films, plastics and coated stocks.  Ideally suited for  applications in food processing, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals, the 8610 combines high-resolution printing of customer-facing and supply chain information with incredibly simple operation.

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Thermal Inkjet Videojet® 8520

Designed to address the needs of industrial users, the Videojet 8520 thermal inkjet (TIJ) printer is the ideal coding and marking solution for a range of primary and secondary marking applications. From basic alphanumeric codes to complex bar codes and graphics, the 8520 has the capability to print a wide range of codes on fast production lines. The 8520 TIJ printer helps customers improve their productivity, quality and efficiency targets with features that include: automatic cartridge setup, temperature control and portable ink level tracking.

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Videojet® 8510 / Wolke m600® touch

The Wolke m600 touch and Videojet 8510 are high resolution printers that use HP®’s thermal ink jet (TIJ) technology. These versatile printers feature a large CLARiTY™ touchscreen interface for easy operation, as well as provide a common look and feel to those familiar with Videojet’s CLARiTY-based printers.  From basic alphanumeric codes to complex bar codes and graphics, the m600 touch and 8510 have the capability to print a wide range of codes on fast production lines.

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Wolke m600 advanced

The Wolke m600 advanced Thermal Ink Jet printer is designed for customers with complex coding requirements including remote printer control, for critical coding applications. Used extensively in pharmaceutical and tobacco applications, the m600 advanced is also suitable for a range of industrial packaging applications.

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Wolke m600® basic

The Wolke m600 basic Thermal Ink Jet printer is engineered for simplicity without sacrificing the industrial design necessary in today’s packaging environments. Suitable for a range of applications and industries, the m600 basic delivers ease-of-use and intuitive operation in a small footprint.

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