Coring and diamond drilling tools and rods

Sorim Holding supplies the mining drilling industry with all the necessary tools for mineral investigation drilling.

Our company through its associate company Douce Corporation of Japan has developed based on the specific requirements of its clients, unique tools for core recovery in mud stone formations like the PCD HQ3 and PQ3 bits designed with oversized internal discharge holes or the PCD PW casing shoes.

Sorim Holdings supplies 4C, 6C and 8C core barrels with their bits and extra large double and triple tubes bulk corebarrels.

Diamond drilling rods AQ-AW, NQ-NW-NT, HQ-HW-HT, PQ-HD are made in 1.5, 3 and 6m lengths together with DCDMA size casings.

Sheet Spec DC PHD (HWT) Drill Rod Sheet Spec DC Diamond Drill Rods (BNH)
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