Rotary Tools

SORIM HOLDING supplies to the mining, oil and water well drilling industries drag bits, tricone roller bits and PDC “Fangs” bits.

The bits are developed and produced by Douce Corporation of Japan in API certified factories.


Tricone Bits

The sizes for the tricone roller bits TCI and Teeth start at 3-3/8” and go up to 26”,
Almost every IADC for soft to very hard formations are available
The tricones are generally in stock and can be purchased by the unit.

PDC “Fangs” Bits
Douce Corporation “Fangs” PDC matrix body non-coring bits for soft to very hard formations come in sizes ranging from 76mm (3”) to 444mm (17-1/2”). The end users when ordering can decide the number and shape of blades and the size of cutters. The “Fangs” PDC bits are generally delivered within 2 weeks.

Drag Bits
Any size of drag bits (step and chevron types) can be supplied on request

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