Handling and Storage

We propose a comprehensive line of handling materials and equipments, such as forklift ( gaz, electrical, diesel…), devils, palett truck ( hand, electric & semi-electric, high lift, long palett fork,…) drum handling, accumulation tables,  roll containers, electric stackers, wheels and spare parts, etc…

The conveyors are used in almost all the fields in the industry, being production wise, handling wise or even shipping wise.
They have become absolutely unavoidable to transfer all sort of goods from one process to the other, or even to transfer the finished goods to the manutention or stocking areas?
We propose an extensive range of product conveyors : Free roller conveyor or motorised, in line or curved, , accumulation conveyors, spiral conveyors, etc…

SORIM HOLDING offers a complete range of scales and weighing systems: table scales , platform scales, counting scales, laboratory scales, floor scales and pallet scales, measuring devices, dynamometers, crane scales, medical scales, pocket scales, etc..

In order to facilitate the storage of your products, we offer a wide range of shelving layout of your archives and your workshop rooms: metal shelving, hanging files, lightweight shelving, racking for medium-heavy loads, shelving tubular dynamic shelving, pallet racking, shelving lengths but also trailers, boxes plastic pallets, plastic storage bins, pallet collars, pallet boards, enhances palette manuracks, storage containers, drums and plastic containers, boxes metal pallets, plastic and metal pallets, galvanized containers transicuves containers.

Plastic PEHD Locker : A new concept Ensuring hygienic environments
This locker won’t rust
Requires no maintenance and is totally recyclable !
Detergent, grease and oil resistant.
Designed for use in wet, food processing, industrial environments.

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