Machinery and industrial Parts

All your process equipments

A new project, a capacity or line extension, a revamping of an obsolete unit or a simple replacement of equipment in an existing line in the form of a skid, the SORIM HOLDING can assist you

SORIM HOLDING involved in all industrial sectors including that of food such as fresh produce, dairy, biscuits, eggs, toamto, bakery, mill,  mineral water unit, fruit juices, carbonated beverages, etc …

But also the areas of pharmaceuticals, chemicals and fine chemicals, cosmetics and perfumes, as well as the oil and energy industries

Servicing the mining, drilling, international development and construction industries

From the delivery of aqueduct water equipment in the deserts of Mauritania and from the delivery of materials for the SEG in Guinea-Conakry, to the supply of turbine pumps to UPJN projects in India, through the installation of water wells with hand pumps projects in 200 sites in northern Cameroon on aid programs in international development in Africa, to the supply of drilling equipment for water wells in Guatemala SORIM HOLDING and its partners have earned the respect of drillers as a reliable and trusted supplier.

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