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A hand pump is a relatively cheap way to pump water from a well. That is why over 350,000 hand pumps have been constructed in Africa. However, it turns out that the maintenance of a simple hand pump in Africa gives a lot of problems. Because of this more than 50% of the constructed hand pumps are no longer in use. Especially in areas where the ground water level is very deep there are problems with maintenance and pumps also break regularly.
The water projects usually assume that the maintenance of the hand pumps has to be done by the users of the pump themselves. Therefore the pump parts should be available in the local shops and some people from the villages will have to be trained in how to maintain their pump.
However, it turns out that these trained people are no longer available after a while and also that the supply of spare parts seizes after a while because they cannot make a lot of profit on the sales. In the long run the pumps are no longer maintained with as a result that one has to get the water from far, from a river or from open wells which are often not reliable.


Many people in Africa would be helped with a better hand pump and good service for maintenance. That is the reason why the FairWater Foundation has developed a new and innovative hand pump in cooperation with organisations like Oxfam. This pump is extremely robust and durable and will continue to work properly in deep wells. The service for installation and maintenances is provided by a local network of service organisations.
The BluePump is not the cheapest hand pump to purchase, but it offers the durability that is most important for the user and that is what it is all about. Besides being more durable, the BluePump is easier to use by women and children and supplies more water than comparable pumps.
The design of the BluePump is surprisingly simple. All parts are made of high quality and durable materials. The core of the BluePump is a stainless steel pump part with a double foot valve which will continue to function without problems, even under the pressure of a 100 m water column. The whole is free of maintenance because the piston, in contrary to normal pumps, does not have a rubber seal that needs regular replacement. The robust bearings are self-lubricating. The maintenance of the pump therefore consists of nothing more than checking whether the bolts and nuts are tightened.
Under normal circumstances the BluePump requires no spare parts for 10 to 15 years. The BluePump is therefore becoming increasingly more popular in many African countries. The BluePump is supplied by SORIM HOLDING which can also provide the installing and the associated service, directly or through any of its regional accredited distributors

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