Control & Analysis

Control & Analysis

DIOMÈDE salinometer

The PERMO DIOMEDE, functions as water treatment centre for cooling circuits, providing totally autonomoussecure management of clogging, corrosion and biological growth. This completeintelligent system ensures optimum consumption of water and treatment products for cooling towers.

The PERMO DIOMÈDE is a compactlow-cost system which integrates a wide range of the controls necessary for cooling tower operation. It can manage all the functions required for treatment and monitoring of the cooling tower:

  • Control of solenoid valves for deconcentration of the cooling tower
  • Control of dosing pumps for the injection of biocidal products, inhibitors and dispersing agents

PROBOX analyser

With its wide choice of sensors, the PERMO PROBOX allows the analysis of a large number of physico-chemical parameters: Totally configurable, the PERMO PROBOX has a measuring and regulation system that controls two physical parameters simultaneously. Sold either as a complete unit (analyser/regulator + sensors) or in kit form, this system is entirely adaptable and can be configured to your specific requirements for industrial processes or systems used in communal applications.

A wide range of measurements is available:

  • Temperature
  • Redox
  • Chlorine dioxide
  • Ozone
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • pH
  • Chlorine
  • Bromine
  • Oxygen
  • Peracetic acid


The PERMO PROBOX ANALYSIS TH/CL ensures simultaneous control of total chlorine content by colorimetry and water hardness by titration. The measurment is made automatically on line, thereby avoiding any discharge to drains. The measurement range is totally adjustable, with a wide choice of indicators and suitable programming.

The PERMO PROBOX ANALYSIS TH/CL ensures simplereliable control of water softeneroperation. When the memory board has been installed (optional), analyses can be stored using a recorder.

The advantages of this system:

  • Easy programming via menu
  • Monitoring of residual TH
  • Monitoring of residual TAC
  • Automatic hardness measurement
  • 4-20 mA output
  • 2 set points

ECOVAP regulator

Ecosolution logoThe patented PERMO ECOVAP process regulates the treatment and conditioning of water for boilers and low/medium pressure steam generators. The equipment uses a dosing pump to regulate the injection of the agent to inhibit dissolved oxygen in the systems.

PERMO ECOVAP has several advantages for the industrial user: reduction of 10% – 40% of treatment costs (water, energy, maintenance, monitoring and risks of production losses), reduction of chemical waste (fewer blow-downs and less energy consumed) and increased safety for the operator.
Three operating modes are available:

  • Override
  • Timer-operated
  • System temperature dependent
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