Scale inhibitors

AQATOTAL antiscaling

The daily pleasure of drinking good quality water – an essential pleasure for the whole family.

AQATOTAL is a maintenance-free, pollution-free solution that provides effectiveprotection to drinking water pipes (maximum hardness 40°f) and the hot water pipes (max 80°C) connected to them. With its integrated IQ technology ensuring control of the electronic impulses, AQATOTAL is one of the most advanced anti-scaling systems on the market.

Enjoy the renewed benefits of drinking water with AQATOTAL’s revolutionary technology.

  • Good to drink, correctly mineralised water every day.
  • Protection of the drinking water circuit against scaling.
  • Internationally-recognised (ÖVGW, DVGW labels, etc) bipolar technology that stabilises water hardness by creating nanocristals.

The PERMO AQATOTAL antiscaling system offers environmental protection as part of a sustainable development policy: this device does not consume water and requires very little power (55 W/m3).

AQATOTAL does not remove any of the precious mineral salts contained in water.

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