PERMO FLASH is a self-cleaning permanent screen 90/110 micron filter that protects all circuits, taps, valves and every kind of apparatus found in private and communal housing. It acts against the detrimental effects of suspended particles present from time to time in distributed water.

Cleaning operations, very effective with a counter-flow jet, are triggered manually by a press-button, or automatically using an integrated timer (DN 20/DN 50) or by pressure difference measurement (DN 65/DN 125). Impurities are flushed to the drains instantly using a load-break connector.

The PERMO FLASH filter is ideal for the protection of:

  • Water softeners
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Industrial processes and tooling
  • Sprinklers
  • Piping
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Cooling systems


Download the product datasheet (DN20 up to DN50)    /    Download the product datasheet (DN65 up to DN125) 

Permo CRISTAL WF filters

PERMO CRISTAL WF is a cartridge filter for the filtration of domestic and industrial water. It ensures the protection of your piping, connectors and downstream equipment. PERMO CRISTAL WF retains all particles above 90 microns such as iron oxides, sand, wood chips, hemp, etc.

The PERMO CRISTAL WF filter is ideal for the protection of:

  • Water softeners
  • Plumbing equipment
  • Piping
  • Industrial processes

Spec Sheet


The filter is a 90-110 micron cartridge filter specially designed for hot drinking water or industrial water circuits up to 80°C. It guarantees the protection of water pipes and equipment (cocks, valves etc) against damage caused by particles in suspension, present from time to time in distribution water, causing erosion and corrosion phenomena in your equipment.

The PERMO CELCIUS filter is ideal for the protection of :

  • Water softeners
  • Plumbing equipment
  • Piping
  • Industrial processes

Spec Sheet

PERMO 1500 S filter

Improving the quality of raw water can require a filter to eliminate particles in suspension. PERMO 1500 S filters with a quartz sand charge are used to clarify turbid water.

This filter has an integrated timer for the automation of washing operations. Washing is carried out in reverse flow (from bottom to top), which increases its efficiency. An LCD display allows all the filter operations to be consulted.

PERMO 2000 filter

PERMO 2000 filters are designed for clarification, iron removal, deodorising, dechlorination and the elimination of organic or colloidal matter. This range of filters is available in manual or automatic versions, and guarantees high filtration quality with back-flow washing and cocourant rinsing. A wide choice of filter media is available: sand, anthracite, active carbon, and neutralite, thereby ensuring filtering in line with your specific needs.

Washing is programmable in calendar mode, with choice of time and frequency in days



PERMO 2500 filter

PERMO 2500 filters ensure efficient treatment regardless of the type of use :

  • Clarification of turbid water using quartz sand or sand and anthracite as medium.
  • Dechlorination of specific water with active carbon medium.

PERMO 2500 filters are available in an automatic version with a resin body. Filter washing is managed by an automatic unit on the basis of washing frequency (timer mode) or the loss of medium measured by a differential pressure sensor (as an option). Washing is carried out in reverse flow, which guarantees “as new” filtering quality.

Spec Sheet


The protection of closed circuits calls for a full corrosion and silting prevention programme. The presence of silt causes corrosion and loss of productivity, and significant increases in maintenance costs.

PERMO FPM & PERMO ECOFILDEB clarifying filters with bag and magnetic bar are particularly effective for de-silting heating, chilled water and cooling circuits.

Products derived from circuit corrosion such as iron oxides and carbonates are retained by the magnetic bar and eliminated from the system. Non-magnetic particles over 75 microns in diameter are trapped by the felt bag filter. PERMO FPM & ECOFILDEB filters may be used for preventive treatment of circuits, especially for the injection of corrosion, scaling and anti-fouling inhibitors.

  • FPM Version: Bag filter and magnetic filter bar
  • ECOFILDEB Version: Bag filter and magnetic filter bar + hydraulically pre-connected circulation pump

Our Desilting Packs provide simpleeffective treatment solutions, with treatment products together with an analysis of the water in your system.

Spec Sheet  de la gamme PERMO FPM

Spec Sheet de la gamme PERMO ECOFILDEB

PERMO HD filters

Industrial processes require high flow rate filtration to protect the water production chain from start to finish. PERMO HD cases and filters address this problem by ensuring filtration flow rates between 40 and 60 m3/hr, with retention thresholds from 40 µm to 1 µm. All our cases are made from 316L s/s fitted with DN100 PN16 flanged input/output connectors

There are 2 ranges of cases:

  • 40’’ vertical monocartridge
  • 60” horizontal monocartridge

Spec Sheet

CMC filter case

The CMC case is designed for filtering drinking and industrial water. Its wide choice of filtering elements with different filtration ratings allow it to adapt easily to specific industrial requirements. The 316 L stainless steel body can accept 3 to 6 filter cartridges with DN 50 flange and 12 filter cartridges with DN 80 flange.

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