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Industrial and collective sanitary circuits

Problems encountered in DHW systems are often revealed, well before leaks occur, by coloured water being drawn off (reddish-ochre for galvanised steel systems and blue-green for copper systems).

The treatment applied, whether to prevent scaling or corrosions, must enable water quality to be maintained in compliance with the applicable standards which define the composition of water for human consumption.

Multi-metal chilled water and heating circuits

In the absence of any adequate treatment, water in circulation in closed circuits (chilled, hot or superheated water) is the root cause of numerous problems (coating, scaling, erosion, corrosion or silting) which can affect the all the components of the circuit in question (generators, exchangers, pipes and circulation pumps).

Industrial and collective sanitary circuits

In the absence of preventive action, the design and operating conditions of cooling towers create favourable conditions for the proliferation of Legionella bacteria and their dispersal in the atmosphere.

The treatment programme provided by PERMO combats the scaling, corrosion and bacterial development phenomena which directly or indirectly increase the risks of Legionella bacteria proliferation.

Curative range

The main problem encountered in energy exchange processes is due to the presence of dissolved salts in the circulating fluid. Temperature causes these salts to precipitate and form a hard adhesive deposit.

They are usually composed of calcium, sulphate, carbonate and sometimes iron or copper oxide. This fouling causes a not insignificant reduction in efficiency, so it is essential to solubilise it while limiting any chemical attack on the metals encountered in the system.

Steam and superheated water range

Even water pre-treated by osmosis is unsuitable for boiler supply. The normal operation and proper functioning of equipment can only be ensured through the correct conditioning of the water using the appropriate chemical additives.

The purpose of the treatment provided by PERMO is therefore to limit mineral concentrations and eliminate the most harmful, particularly alkaline earths, and block or limit the action of gases.

Discharge range

Depending on the sector, industrial activities generate a wide variety of continuous or non-continuous polluting discharges. The treatment of your effluents is covered by increasingly stricter regulations

The aim of the treatment of industrial effluent (process circuits and waste water) prior to discharge or recycling is to contribute to better water management and the protection of the environment within the standards laid down by legislation.

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