PERMO 5000 water softeners

PERMO 5000 water softeners are automatic, and can operate in chronometric or volumetric mode. They ensure long operating life for your sanitary facilities, heating and air-conditioning systems by reducing harmful scaling. The are used to meet the water softening needs of small communities and municipalities: closed circuits, air conditioning, catering, etc, over a range of flow rates from 2 to 2.5m3/hr at TH 0°F.

PERMO ALCYO A5X water softeners

PERMO softeners, manufactured and assembled in France using top-quality materials, guarantee a significant reduction in scaling in your domestic water, heating and air-conditioning systems, as well as for your industrial processes. Fitted on the main water supply, the softener is a simple and reliable means of protecting all your household electrical and sanitary equipment.

PERMO COMPO ALCYO water softeners

PERMO ALCYO 8000 / 9000 COMPO softeners guarantee effective treatment against hardness, even at very high flow rates. Specially adapted to special hygrometric conditions, or any environment that is incompatible with corrodible metals, this range meets the requirements of large communal applications or industrial processes.

PERMO EC softeners

In hotels and restaurants it is essential to combat scaling of cooking units, dish warmers or washing machines so as to consume less energy and protect the environment. Resisting temperatures up to 65°C, PERMO EC softeners meet the hot water needs of small kitchens.

Supervision et communication system

A 100% PERMO innovation is born with the 6000, 7000, 8000 and 8000/9000 COMPOSITE range of water softeners. All these softeners are fitted as standard with the latest A5X-Control communication board, and transmit all the operating parameters of the equipment installed.

PERMO AM softeners

PERMO AM softeners are used in industry for unit flow rates from 20 to 150+ m³/hr. They are used whenever water softening is essential because the supply water is naturally scaling, or when the industry requires totally or partially softened water for services or production.

PERMO AM softeners are used in a wide variety of applications:

  • Industrial laundries
  • Feed water for steam boilers
  • Water for cooling circuits
  • Production of liquids in the agro-food industry
  • Textile industry

Automatic bypass suppression kit

This kit is designed to avoid any water distribution during regeneration, using a diaphragm control valve on the softened water outlet.

Alternation kit

This kit allows for programming of the alternative use of two softeners, one operating while the other is undergoing programmed regeneration.

Mixing valve

The mixing valve fitted to the bypass pipe ensures that the preset hardness of the mixed water is maintained, regardless of the volume drawn off and the hydraulic variations in the system.


Our hoses guarantee easy installation of your softener.

PLUG N’ SOFT assembly kit

The assembly kit is pre-fitted with bypass valves, a softened water sampling cock, assembly hoses, a meter (on ALCYO 7000) and a 1″ 1/4 mixing valve, for easy, rapid assembly of your PERMO softener.

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